Storage Sizes

We offer storage solutions in various sizes that match your need.


Suitable for household items, seasonal clothing, shoes, kids’ goods, books, documents,personal collections, suitcases, sports equipment, small furniture and  elctrical appliances etc.

3.0’ x 6.0’ = 18 sq ft 
5.0’ x 4.0’ = 20 sq ft 
6.0’ x 4.0’ = 24 sq ft 
7.0’ x 4.0’ = 28 sq ft 
6.0’ x 5.0’ = 30 sq ft 
8.0’ x 4.0’ = 32 sq ft 


10 sq ft in size with 7.7’ in height, the Wardrobe Unit is specially designed for storing clothes and shoes. It is equppied with hanging rails and adjustable shelves for your easy organsiation and storage of clothes and shoes.


Equipped with Vinvautz wine cellars, with dual temperature zones, perfect insulation and anti-condensation.

Extra storage space for wine crates and wine bottles is also available for your exclusive use.

More options available, please contact us

All the drawings on this page are for illustrative purpose only are not to scale