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Storage unit terms

  1. Keep and maintain the Storage Unit in clean, proper and tenantable repair and condition;
  2. Comply with all relevant laws, including ordinances, regulations, by-laws, orders, Government Lease, deed of mutual covenant and house rules (if any) as are or may be applicable to the use of the Storage Unit;
  3. Not make or permit to be made any alterations in or additions to the Storage Unit or attach any fixtures or signs on, in or about the Storage Unit, including but not limited to its walls, ceilings, floors or doors, without the prior written consent of the Licensor;
  4. Not stay overnight anywhere in the Premises or the Storage Unit nor use the Storage Unit for any purposes other than storage of Goods in compliance with the terms and conditions herein;
  5. Not keep or store or cause or permit or suffer to be kept or stored any of the followings in the Storage Unit:-

 i.    food or perishable goods;
 ii.   animals, plants or any other living creatures;
 iii.  explosive, combustible or flammable materials or liquids;
 iv.   chemicals, radioactive materials or biological agents;
 v.    toxic waste or asbestos;
 vi.   items which emit any fumes, smells, or odours from the Storage Unit or any noise to be audible or vibration to be felt outside the Storage Unit or otherwise creating disturbance, annoyance or nuisance to other storage units or the Premise;
 vii.  substances, items or goods illegally obtained or otherwise representing or being generated from any proceeds of any crime;
 viii. compressed gases;
 ix.   any materials of a dangerous nature;
 x.    any illegal substances, drugs, items or goods;
 xi.   any arms, weapons or ammunition;
 xii.  any other materials of which the storage shall only be allowed for persons holding specific license(s) or is otherwise subject to control pursuant any ordinance or regulation in Hong Kong;
 xiii. jewellery, antiques, fine art, any precious and valuable items or items of personal sentimental or irreplaceable value; and
 xiv. any item of which its aggregate value exceeds HK$50,000;